Bud’s Letter to the Editor

Tribute to Bill Kozlowski
Letter to the editor

I’m sure most in Juneau have probably heard by now that Bill Kozlowski passed away on Tuesday. He was the influential force for Contra Public and the survivors of his band Peabody’s Monster are very distraught. Musicians all over this town have come together for support.

His music affected everyone so much. I’ve known him 14 years, and if I hadn’t had met him I would have never picked up a guitar and tried to figure it out, thus I wouldn’t be playing music today. That’s the kind of effect Bill had on so many. Not only was he influential, motivational and inspiring, but he was like a brother to me.

There is a great loss in Juneau and many days of mourning ahead. KBJZ, 94.1-LPFM, will be featuring a two-hour dedication show for Bill on Saturday night from 7-9 p.m. with the “Who’s It/What’s It” show, featuring music by Peabody’s Monster and some of Bill’s other favorite music. A get-together fun service is being planned at the Thane Ore House on Saturday as well, where family and friends can tell stories, watch Bill’s video work, listen to Bill’s music and mainly be together for support with each other.

Good bye Bill. We love you and we’ll miss you so much.

Bud Curtis


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