Letter from Sierra


I have spent the last three days since you left us laughing (and crying) but mostly my cheeks hurt from smiling, thinking of you, Billy. You have taught us all so much. You left with no regrets. You told everybody that you loved them. You let everybody know what you were thinking. You are truly the only person that I have ever known that did exactly what he said he was going to do (no matter how f***** up an idea it was). Not many people leave this world having said everything they needed to.

When I was 18 I saw you and you looked a little different from the rest.

When I was 19 you convinced me to take off all my clothes and walk with you naked down a 1/ 4 mile dock. We got caught… and it was funny.

When I was 19 you convinced me to sing with you and you never told me how truly lousy my voice is.

When I was 20 you picked me up after class on Friday and we drove 2,000 miles before classes started on Monday.

When I was 21 you asked me to marry you and I said no because you loved too much and too deeply. How silly is that, Billy?

But when I was 22, you offered my father two pigs and a goat. (It’s true!)

When I was 23 we spent the night in a whore house because you didn’t know what else to do…. One week later I married you.

I can’t really recall what has happened since. But now it has been 11 years. Not a single day has gone by without laughter.


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