Letter from Bill’s sister Krista

Who Bill became to me

My first best and longest friend

The one who with me loved and cherished our hours swimming at the Lake House

The 20ft tree- forts we built that only I would climb, while Bill made a fire in the bottom.

The go cart we created that went out of control going doing a very steep hill when our makeshift brakes made of crutches failed….we landed in the lake. The last thing I can remember before hitting the water was Bill yelling “NO BREAAAKKKESS” as he waved the once attached brakes over his head.

Our all day treks to Evergreen Valley Grocery aka EVG. All the 2hr walk to the store we talked of all the things we were going to buy with the money that we earned form mowing all the neighbors’ yards and looting mom’s purses. All the way home, sticking piece after piece of penny candy in our mouths …..making trades when appropriate.

The army men wars that ALWAYS ended in hairspray torching…..which would lead again to mowing the lawns of all the neighboring yards, to replace the army men.

The Barbie’s that Bill conceded to play with.

The swings made of blankets that we hung from the beams in the ceiling, with the purpose of watching MASH and The Dukes of Hazard.

The wild kittens that we would adopt by the litter.

The moving

The endless hours cramped in cars playing the license plate game or the alphabet game.

Teasing Bill when he made the often mistake of telling Mom and myself that he needed to go to the bathroom.

Reno- we spent hours down at the local cinema watching every movie Bill wanted to see…..he didn’t seem to ever grow out of that J

The one place that we both almost got our asses kicked. I saved him from 3 boys and he later saved me from one scraggly little girl….of all things

Tumwater—Ironically Bill and Bret, Miguel and Dan all conspired to catch me smoking pot, you might think that they wanted some…..but the story actually is more interesting…they wanted to turn me into the DARE program because they had heard they could get a thousand dollars J They never caught me.

TESC—A Dorm…many fond memories of visiting Bill. I also loved the hours of him playing his music all over town with his various bands. I could be seen enjoying myself front and center completely immersed in Bill creations.

I have many memories that I am thankful for. I am also appreciative that Bill became such an influence in Ross Jr’s life….

Bill I will forever have a hole in the center of my heart, the place that you taught me to allow myself to love. I cherish the time and tightness of our love!

Bill was more than my brother; he was the co-warrior in our crazy childhood. He was the love and affection that I learned to express; he was the strength that changed my destiny.


Love always, sis


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