Letter from Bill’s Mom Roxy

My Super Duper Billy Booper (always my nickname for him). Our family refers to him as the Pied Piper!

For 32 years I got to ride on this magical mystery tour of Billy’s journey.

He had taken many family and friends to places only dreams are made of.

How I miss that wonderful boy & man with the twinkling blue eyes and matching blue hair and Cheshire smile. The crazy phone calls of idea’s like: “Mom… Krista and Bret and Sierra and I are going on the Green Tortoise for a ride to California”, and they did. “Hi mom I’m on my way to Boston to drive a Green Trolley to Juneau!”, and he did. Or “I’m getting married in Mexico and everyone is coming”, and we did. And one of the best ones was a year and a half ago… “Mom I’m going to be a millionaire with this new business” and he was the richest person I ever knew already.

Billy was an exceptional forgiving soul (unless you were the cable or phone company!)

He was such a magnet to beautiful and wonderful caring compassionate people. This has made my life richer in knowing them. Thanks for sharing Boop!

So much laughter and Love

He loved us all!

As his Mom I watched in amazement at his accomplishments and struggles, and witnessed the pain he endured without complaint.

Now we are left with such great memories and friendships because of Billy.

Then there’s the Pain of the Loss of him. I can’t even begin to think my heart will ever heal as it is irrevocably broken.

Billy’s spirit is in all of us. What a great gift he was.

So for a short 32 years I was so grateful to have had him in my life. I never would have made it if it wasn’t for Billy and Krista.

He was a talented creative and crazy guy who left us way too soon.

I’m thankful for his music as we will always have that. I was his groupie

So now every time the sun shines or the heavens are crying or the breeze hits my face I think you.

I Love you Boop !  Forever in my heart.



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